Yoshihide Mori

Seikei University

Yoshihide Mori joined the Tokyo Star Bank in 2001, where he had several roles including the positions of branch manager of the Yaesu and Yokohama station branches, department manager of the Head Office Sales Promotion department and VP in the corporate finance division. In 2012, he was department manager of the Consulting Division at Medinell Corporation of the Ein group, where he was in charge of planning hospital restoration projects, hospital management and factoring.


Senior Executive Manager

Junya Kawasaki

Gifu Pharmaceutical University

As a manager in the Medical Division, Junya is responsible for management improvement operations of the hospitals. His career began working for a foreign pharmaceutical company. Followed by working in the corporate strategy & planning dept. of a listed bio-venture company. At a healthcare advisory firm, he experienced hospital management improvement work and medical policy planning and executing support. At a bank, he engaged in loan examination for hospitals and long-term care facilities. Junya’s expertise has been established by consistently working in the healthcare industry.

Vice General Manager

Toru Nakadai

Waseda University

As a Senior Manager in the Medical Division, he is responsible for business succession and management improvement of medical corporations. He has built his career in the realms of M&A and business revitalization, including working in an Advisory firm and serving as CFO in an investee company as well. Through various management improvement projects, he was able to gain experience building businesses with a more sustainable growth. His expertise lies in planning and execution of business strategies for management improvement, negotiations with financial institutions, and building business management systems.

Senior Manager

Toru Yoshizumi

Kyoto College of Medical Science
Radiological technologist R.T.
Nuclear medicine specialist

After working at a hospital for nearly 35 years, Toru joined Glome Management in January 2020. As a researcher in the Department of Molecular Control Internal Medicine at the Osaka University School of Medicine, he was working in the field of "Imaging in Arteriosclerosis". He has worked jointly with many companies, such as the Clinical Development Dept. of pharmaceutical manufactures and clinical trial companies. He also was involved in the development of pharmaceutical regulatory approval software and equipment with various companies. Toru is eager to contribute his expertise to the establishment of a community-based medical-care system currently being carried out by the government.

Senior Manager

Tatsuya Eguchi

Aoyama Gakuin University

After joining the company as a medical division manager,he is responsible for improving management and operation of the holding hospital. After engaging in sales and introduction of radiation digital equipment and image management systems touniversity hospitals, etc. as a sales position of medical device manufacturers, the establishment of clinic support and financial planning, and management analysis in hospitals and nursing facilities He also engages in various joint purchases and contributes to the balance improvement. In the field of the hospital, we have achieved results by improving profitability, optimizing costs and making business improvements that are hard to see in numbers.

Senior Manager

Shintaro Sakamoto

Ritsumei University

Shintaro joined the company as a Senior Manager of the medical division. He is responsible for the recruitment for the medical facilities as well as implementing hospital management improvements. He has built his career in working for a medical/nursing care consulting company and a staffing agency; was responsible for recruitment and career change support services specialized in the field of medical & welfare companies.

Senior Manager

Yo Sumihiro

Hokkai Gakuen University

As a Manager in the Medical Division, Yo is responsible for management improvement operations of the medical corporations. Prior to joining Glome Management, he worked as a news paper reporter and an editor of a magazine specialized in hospital management and as a consultant for medical institutions. Through his experience in report coverage with the Central Medical Council on National Healthcare Insurance and related subcommittees regarding the policy revisions to medical fees, management support of the medical corporations while foreseeing national medical policy has become his expertise.

Senior Manager

Chihiro Mimura

Waseda University,MBA
Certified Tax Accountant

As a Medical Division manager, Chihiro is responsible for improving management & operation of the affiliated medical facilities. Prior to joining the company, she was involved in management, accounting and tax consulting in the health care division of a tax accounting firm. She also helped in the start-up of medical corporations and tax effective business successions.

Senior Manager

Hideyuki Matsuda

Seibu Bunri University

Hideyuki Matsuda joined GLOME Group as a medical division manager. He is engaged in support activities related to general management of the Company, the medical institution which is the first case. He has experience of enrolling in a major medical corporation for about 15 years and supports the healthy management of medical corporations from seamless work construction with other occupations in hospital management.

Senior Manager

Hisao Nakatsuji

As a manager of the medical division, he is in charge of management improvements of the allianced medical facilities. Prior to joining Glome Management, he engaged in various tasks in the realms of supporting research and development of new drugs in a pharmaceutical company, clinical trials support, and administration and analysis of clinical records at an acute care hospital.


Yoshitaka Suzuki

Toyo University

As a medical division manager, Yoshitaka is responsible for establishing a business management system for medical corporations. Prior to joining Glome Management, he was engaged in various tasks in a medical/welfare consulting firm, including the restructuring of hospital operations towards a more efficient use of hospital beds, business plan creation, assessment of hospitals and medical exam facilities.


Hiroyuki Yaguchi

Keio University

As an assistant manager of the medical division, he is in charge of management improvements of the alliance medical facilities. Prior to joining Glome Management, Hiroyuki was involved in the business plan creation and improvement of management issues for affiliated hospitals and long-term care facilities while working at the headquarters of a major medical corporation. He was stationed at hospitals and long-term care facilities and has shown ways to improve profitability and optimizing costs from an on-site perspective.


Chihiro Shimokoube

Nihon University

As a Medical Division manager, Chihiro is responsible for improving management and operations of the affiliated medical facilities. Prior to joining the company, she engaged in management and analysis of medical data as a Medical Data Administrator in an acute hospital. She also worked as a medical consultant at NPOs and audit firms and engaged in DPC/ MDC analysis, facility standard and medical fee reviews, and made proposals for empowerment of regional alliances to induce sales increases.


Naoto Kitamura

Waseda University,MBA

After working for a consulting company and a hospital, Naoto joined Glome Management as a manager of the medical division. His experience as a supervisor along with his communication skills will be an asset to help improve hospital operations. He will develop business strategies based on the objective views of community-based medical care.


Shun Kawachi

Keio University
CPA/Certified Tax Accountant
Certified Chief of Money Lending Operations

After being in charge of auditing medical corporations at a major audit firm, Shun joined a management consulting firm specializing in the medical field. He was in charge of management improvements of more than 40 hospitals including supporting management analysis, budget formulation, cash management, layout of personnel systems, and reorganizing towards a more efficient use of hospital beds. His expertise of restructuring hospital management, which included recruiting doctors and staff, will be a big asset to the company.


Yasutsugu Bandai

▷ Vice president of the Ippan Shadanhojin Japan Hospital
▷Honorary Director, JCHO Tokyo Yamate Medical Center

Naoto Matsuno

▷ Specially appointed professor of Department of Transplantation and Medical engineering,Transplant surgery, Surgery Hepatobiliary Pancreatic