Hideo Aoyama

University of Shizuoka Graduate School Professor Emeritus
Certified Tax Accountant

Hideo Aoyama established the Aoyama accounting firm (current tax accountant Aoyama & Partners) in 1967, he worked for numerous business corporations and medical corporations over 50 years and was involved in management at the same time. In addition, he is a specialist of medical business management that has firstly devised a single medical corporation scheme that forms the cornerstone of the current medical corporation scheme, and has a proven track record of spreading it nationwide. He has written a number of books on accounting. In 2004, he took office as Representative Director of LogiCom, Inc., where he handled various responsibilities, such as listing the company. In 2007, he took over as chairman of LC Holdings, Inc.


Kazuhisa Hashimoto

Doshisha University

Kazuhisa Hashimoto joined LC Partners, Inc. in 2017, he was appointed head of the Medical Business Division. involved in acquiring medical corporations. Since 2005, he has developed a successful track record of managing projects in the healthcare field such as M & A and hospital rehabilitation project for acute and chronic medicine treatment centers as well as mental hospital. He then served as a director of a medical corporation and a social welfare corporation and engaged in a hospital rehabilitation project as a full-time officer. Since 2014 he stayed in the hospital and served as the secretary general at the hospital, greatly improving the income balance and engaged in support work until sale. In June 2018, He is appointed as CEO of LC MediCom, Inc.


Yoshihide Mori

Seikei University

Yoshihide Mori joined the Tokyo Star Bank in 2001, where he had several roles including the positions of branch manager of the Yaesu and Yokohama station branches, department manager of the Head Office Sales Promotion department and VP in the corporate finance division. In 2012, he was department manager of the Consulting Division at Medinell Corporation of the Ein group, where he was in charge of planning hospital restoration projects, hospital management and factoring.


Senior Manager

Yuki Ohta

Keio University

Yuki Ohta has joined LC Group. He was engaged in business improvement and revitalization in Japanese management Co Ltd. Focusing on small and medium private hospitals, he has worked with more than 70 rehabilitation, mixed-care, psychiatric and general medical hospitals. In addition to reducing costs, optimizing fee structures, reorganizing ward functions, improving disease control systems and pharmaceutical supplier management, he has experience in restructuring, rehabilitation planning, and finance support of medical corporations. He has been a lecturer at a number ofhealthcare business seminars, and is a medical consultant for financial institutions.


Hideyuki Matsuda

Seibu Bunri University

Hideyuki Matsuda joined LC Group as a medical division manager. He is engaged in support activities related to general management of the Company, the medical institution which is the first case. He has experience of enrolling in a major medical corporation for about 15 years and supports the healthy management of medical corporations from seamless work construction with other occupations in hospital management.


Keisuke Hirota

Musashino University

Keisuke Hirota joined LC Group as a medical division manager, He is responsible for overseeing the management and operation improvement of all hospitals we have.After engaging in hospital management improvement work at a major medical consulting company, he became a full-time executive of a medical corporation and led the hospital revitalization. Involved in business improvement work of more than 50 hospitals,He is engaged in strategic rationalization, sales increase, project evaluation, cost optimization, business revitalization, succession support who have contributed to leaving many achievements of improving profit.


Tatsuya Eguchi

Aoyama Gakuin University

After joining the company as a medical division manager,he is responsible for improving management and operation of the holding hospital. After engaging in sales and introduction of radiation digital equipment and image management systems touniversity hospitals, etc. as a sales position of medical device manufacturers, the establishment of clinic support and financial planning, and management analysis in hospitals and nursing facilities He also engages in various joint purchases and contributes to the balance improvement. In the field of the hospital, we have achieved results by improving profitability, optimizing costs and making business improvements that are hard to see in numbers.


Hironori Okuno

Kitasato University Graduate School/Clinical laboratory

After joining the company as a medical division manager, he is responsible for improving management and operation of the holding hospital. After improving the management and operation of the affiliated hospital at a major medical corporation headquarters, we succeeded in securing human resources in the new hospital preparation room and ensuring more than 250 staff members needed for opening in recruiting activities that do not rely on referral companies. Since 2018, he has been stationed at a hospital and has been working as a management planning manager to improve the balance of income and support business transfer.


Yutaka Ohno

Kansai University

After joining the company as a medical division manager, he is responsible for improving management and operation of the holding hospital. He is involved in general hospital management, including the planning of the profit and loss plan of the affiliated hospital and improvement of management issues at the major Medical Corporation headquarters. In addition, we actively communicate with field officials by participating in the management of events such as hospital festivals, and have achieved results such as improvement of profitability, cost optimization and inventory management.


Nobushige Yagi

Hitotsubashi University/CPA

After joining the company as LC Medicom Manager, he is responsible for improving management and operation of the holding hospital. He is also involved in the business succession support of the Medical corporation scheduled for acquisition. After engaging in accounting advisory to medical facilities and internal control support services at a major auditing firm, he served as a financial adviser to the Business Succession of hospital and nursing facilities at a medical consulting company and has many achievements.


Yasutsugu Bandai

▷ Vice president of the Ippan Shadanhojin Japan Hospital
▷Honorary Director, JCHO Tokyo Yamate Medical Center

Kikuya Uno

▷ Director of Heart Rhythm Center, Chiba-Nishi General Hospital
▷ President of Catheter Ablation Academic Meeting 2017, Japan Heart Rhythm Society

Takenori Inomata

▷ Doctor/Representative Director, IoMT Society of Japan
▷ Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Juntendo University Hospital

Naoto Matsuno

▷ Specially appointed professor of Department of Transplantation and Medical engineering,Transplant surgery, Surgery Hepatobiliary Pancreatic